Thursday, 30 April 2015

Are those my toys?

Hello! Mum is back from University today and I must admit I'm very jumpy compared to last week but she has been away for 3 days and poof! now she's back.

Anyway today was great, I got to fly around the living room again and found a new landing spot where Mum can't get me because she's too small. The main lamp. But I did help her with uni work which was nice of me.

After that Mum gave me a new toy! A ball with a bell inside oh that was great fun but, Gertrude wasn't sure on me being on 'her' floor.

I still played with the ball though! I do like it.

But! Before all that, Mum shown me my new hat. I wasn't very keen on wearing it as a hat but still was quite keen on it.

Although I didn't want it on me too long. Carrying it around is another matter though.

I hope you enjoyed these videos of me :) I certainly enjoyed my day. I'm tuckered out, all tired and in my cage ready for tomorrow.


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