Friday, 24 April 2015

She's back from Uni!

Hello, not had a post for a day or so because my people Mum has been away for 2 days, she went to University. I don't know what that is but it's a big word and I have no interest in trying to repeat that!

I was quite eager to get out the cage today that I may of put my head between my legs a few times. What's worse, there's now photographic evidence. How embarrassing!

Once out Mum put me on this strange moving thing, she called it a wagon but it was just the blue turny thing with a perch. I stayed on it and she moved it about at I must admit, it was quite nice but I got bored so I hoped off and made my way across the floor. I also got to have a little nap on my mum while she led on the bed facebook-ing (I'm not sure what that is, no books were involved). Her hand was my duvet and was nice and warm. I could hear Gertrude the goose shouting downstairs, but I was so tired I just couldn't wake. 

I also had a new food dish put out for me while I'm out of my cage. It's quite handy and only a few wing beats away from where people sit to play games. I've been quite good today, I've been talking, responding to my R2-D2 lessons, sat on Mum's hand and shoulders while she played the xbox. I attempted some secret grooming of her hair but I got caught.

I got some great strokes on the back of my head today for being good too! That was nice, but I got tired after my busy day being out of the cage all day and now sleeping with my Millet (although I've discovered Trill is quite nice now).

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