Monday, 20 April 2015

My new home

I had previously lost my first Budgie, Tilly, on Easter. Obviously, this was very very upsetting for me but didn't want to get a new Budgie straight away feeling it would be disrespectful.
Tilly would of been four in September/August time of this year. She hated being handled bless her. :)

Hello there, I think I'll start off by telling you my name. Apparently I'm now called 'Beanie,'
at least that's what my new people have been saying to me. I used to live in South Wales on the top of a mountain with a lady, her husband and a lot of other budgies and cockatoos, even a grumpy parrot up until I was 7 weeks old where I went to live with my new Mum all the way near Gloucester. They had travelled a very long way just to get little me. 
                                                              I must be very special.

It was a long drive and I had to be put into a box, I could hear people talking and I didn't make much fuss on the box but I did try my hand at chewing a way out through the holes … that didn't prove very successful.

Once we got to my new home, I was released out into the room I believe I am now going to be staying in. I got onto my new Mum's finger to see I was being stared at by 4 other people. It felt very strange and I didn't want to say anything and I wasn't too keen on moving either. I sat with new Mum for awhile before she put me into my new cage. It was very quiet with out my last budgie cage friend so I decided to by my millet, with my back to the new people obviously.

Apparently no one is sure what gender I am at the moment, sometimes they call me He and sometimes they call me She. I wish they'd hurry up and find out, even I want to know now.

This is a picture of me taken my new Mum. Don't I look sweet. :)

New Mum is going to keep this diary up for lots of people to have a read, see my progress and for her self to keep a track on how I do over my time with her. 
She also may use this blog for her University work too! 

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