Saturday, 2 May 2015

Oh, a window you say?

Hi! Today was quite a chill day for me today. Mum was at work from morning till the evening so I spent my day sat on the sheep skull (which is now my favourite sleeping spot in the room) with Mum's sister, Maddy while she played very loud xbox games.

But she came home today and started to panic because I was in NONE of my favourite spots. She checked my cage, she checked the sheep skull, she checked her notice board and her lamp even her bed but where was I…?

Yes! I was doing a bat on the blinds. It was amusing to watch her reaction, she even brought her Mum and sister in to show where I was hiding.
And for the rest of the evening I spent it sat downstairs, staring out of the window.
Although I was too short to see out of it so Mum had to hold her arm to the window for me to look out while she did work on the sofa with her other hand. 

I also spent time on her brothers arm too, he also has a budgie called Buster so he's cool and good with us budgies.
Me before I was helped.

And so yesterday was … interesting.

Mum decided to try the hat thing again. I kept doing my lying down trick for it to slide off, sadly she's good at balancing things.

Oh well, at least she now has a picture of me wearing my hat. 

I do like this family, I'm getting more used to them and I'm starting to groom and talk to them more!
But so far that's it for now. 
Sorry there's not much to tell, maybe there will be more activity tomorrow?

Bye for now. Night!

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