Sunday, 24 May 2015

It's been a while hasn't it.

Hi! Yes, I am very sorry for not submitting blogs recently we've been very busy but neither the less, Mum says I've taken a big stride. I have definitely become a lot for friendly and affectionate towards people. 

When ever someone comes into the room I get a little excited and perk up. I'm more happy to step onto a hand even when on my favourite spots but this really only happens when Mum closes the blinds. She says I become too interested with the window so I can only really stair out of it when Mum's downstairs. 

My R2-DT sounds are still slowly coming along.
Last week I was very eager to get out the cage when Mum was still sleeping so she let me out and went back to sleep. Look here I am! 

One of my new obsessions is to sit and jump from peoples heads. Some moan but I'm only grooming them. I've also discovered that grooming faces is also very good. Although I caught Mum's eyelid by accident. Oops.
And recently I've been introduced to pokémon. I still don't really know what it is to be honest but I quite like it. Mum put as she called them 'the original' series on and I just sat and watched it untill she turned it off. Then she started playing the games, I really wanted to play too but apparently it's only a one player game.


I don't go down stairs any more because I keep trying to land on Gertrude and she keeps hissing at me, she's also veeery big and Mum's worried Gertrude might catch me. But she takes me down during the day when Gertrude is outside.

One time, Mum had left the bedroom door open when she thought she closed it, I managed to fly out and straight into her Mum's bedroom, I found a nice little mirror to sit on until Mum's sister came in and put me in my cage. That was a buzz kill. At least I have my toys. My favourite it my colourful rings! They're amazing.

Mum says sorry for it being out of focus.

Any way, that's it for now. I'll have more news soon.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

I think I've been a little naughty today...

Hello! Yes I think I may have pushed myself a little today. But, let's begin with the morning. :)

So today Mum woke up early to do work and got me out. She thought I wanted to fly around the room but instead, I wanted to go downstairs instead. Mum had to deal with Gertrude for an hour but once that hour was up, Mum came in and handed me a treat bowl full of fruit. I loved it.


I spent a lot of time flying around and landing on Mum's head and then sitting on her laptop. I was even allowed to play on the phone! 

I didn't help Mum with her work today, I wasn't in the mood. I wanted to shout! I wanted to fly around! I wanted to nibble peoples fingers! I wanted to throw apples on the floor!

Yeah, I decided that instead of eating my apples. I wanted to throw them on the floor while Mum's Mum was asleep. But once I was told I couldn't do that any more I decided I wanted to hang out with Gertrude. This is where I crossed the line. I flew up and tried to land onto Gertrude who was asleep on the sofa. Missed but, woke her up. Mum said I spooked her. Second try and I went for the arm of the sofa instead but WHOA! Gertrude hissed at me and Mum rushed over to get me. Mum's Mum said Gertrude doesn't like it and so I was taken back upstairs and put back in my cage. This was about 7 so I had a nice long day out and about. 

Mum is hoping I've learnt not to fly on Gertrude, we'll see. 

I'll let you know in tomorrow's blog! Night!

Friday, 8 May 2015

3 weeks on!

Hello there! Well, Mum got back late today and I was glad to see her. She filled up my food and water bowl and then let me have a fly around her room, I landed in all of my favourite places.
I was soon taken down stairs where I became very shouty and very bitey, oops. Mum decided it was because I was hungry which I was very much. I do love food!

After that, I was okay. I noticed that Gertrude has gotten A LOT bigger since I last saw her and decided I would try and land on her… that didn't go as planned, I tried but she moved so I gave up and decided to sit on the mirror instead. What I also noticed was, the lamp was gone that I sit on! 

Don't worry, I made do.

After I had let my crazy side out and shouted during TV shows making Mum feel bad for her Mum I settled on to her. I've now decided her hair is the best thing since apples!

I think I did quite well today. I must have, after Mum walked around the kitchen and bathroom to see Gertrude having a bath, I stayed put. I watched her cut a Tomato wondering "What is that for?"
It was for me! I got a slice of Tomato all to my self. Thank you!
I decided to return the favour to help her again with her work. I really liked the sketch on my side.

After about 10 I started getting tired and playing up a little chewing Mum's Mum's curtains.

So now we're off to bed and ready for tomorrow where we'll be looking after Giant Gertrude again and doing more work. 

Hope you have good days too. Night! :)

Monday, 4 May 2015

My independence.

Hello! Yes as Mum is very VERY busy with university work I am having to entertain myself much to Mum's sadness. She says once Uni is over she will make sure she's full engaged with me.  She promised me that.

So yesterday and today I spent a lot of time just looking out of the window. I have officially learnt that it is a solid and I am a solid there for I can't fly through it. Although when Mum brought me down stairs I was too small to look out the window which made me very sad so, Mum brought down one of her toys for me to use to see. It's my toy now!

Once it got dark I couldn't see out of the window anymore so I sat with mum and helped her with her research work, I picked out the posters she should base her work off. But once it was time for bed I scared Mum as I flew out of the living room, right up the stairs, into her room which was dark and right into my cage. She thought I'd crash but I know my way around quite well now.

Today I did the same, flew around, sat by the window and stayed on the lamp. I do love the view from the lamp and watching people look for me when they come in. Mum came in to say good bye as she was off to Uni. Again! So I just hid, sneaky me. She found me but I wasn't planning on leaving my spot.

That's all again to night, Mum says once Uni is over there will more more for me to write in my posts and hopefully more tricks. I'm still learning R2-D2 so I we haven't given up!

Bye bye for now.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Oh, a window you say?

Hi! Today was quite a chill day for me today. Mum was at work from morning till the evening so I spent my day sat on the sheep skull (which is now my favourite sleeping spot in the room) with Mum's sister, Maddy while she played very loud xbox games.

But she came home today and started to panic because I was in NONE of my favourite spots. She checked my cage, she checked the sheep skull, she checked her notice board and her lamp even her bed but where was I…?

Yes! I was doing a bat on the blinds. It was amusing to watch her reaction, she even brought her Mum and sister in to show where I was hiding.
And for the rest of the evening I spent it sat downstairs, staring out of the window.
Although I was too short to see out of it so Mum had to hold her arm to the window for me to look out while she did work on the sofa with her other hand. 

I also spent time on her brothers arm too, he also has a budgie called Buster so he's cool and good with us budgies.
Me before I was helped.

And so yesterday was … interesting.

Mum decided to try the hat thing again. I kept doing my lying down trick for it to slide off, sadly she's good at balancing things.

Oh well, at least she now has a picture of me wearing my hat. 

I do like this family, I'm getting more used to them and I'm starting to groom and talk to them more!
But so far that's it for now. 
Sorry there's not much to tell, maybe there will be more activity tomorrow?

Bye for now. Night!