Monday, 20 April 2015

I adventure further …

3 blogs in one day? Phew this is tiring for my little self. No matter, we're not up to date on days (for now). I have been trying to talk a little more but my confidence in this new place isn't high still. I was shown how to use the strange green toy on the side of my cage. It was okay I guess.

Anyway, we spent most of the morning downstairs looking after the gosling, Gertrude, playing R2-D2 sounds. Mum wants me to learn it, I don't even know what an R2-D2 is.

Mum's still saying she's not seen me drink and is still worried, I'm fine though, I can't last that long with out a little drink. I've been feasting on millet too, I just love it. Mum had to replace it very quickly for me.
I may need to slow it down on my millet though, I was eating it so fast it made me cough, thankfully Mum put the water dish to my face that was good, cleared my throat. Thank you :)

I then sat in my cage quite contently up untill I think I heard 9 o' clock? Then I was back out on the shoulders of people and sat watching youtube on the Mac and again MORE R2-D2 noises. I'm trying to respond to them though.

              Here I am on the bed watching 'Dark lord funk' with my millet. I do love my millet!

Thank you for reading, I will have more blogs later.

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