Monday, 27 April 2015

Is that a new cage?

Hello, today hasn't had much activity today. Mum was busy getting ready to go back to university and looking after Gertrude. She let me out of my cage and I slept on her notice board for most of the time.

When she did come back up she was carrying a new big cage for me! I admit I was very nervous about the new cage, it was roomy and had space for me to flap my wings frantically. She played with me for a bit before putting me in the cage for her to leave, at almost every movement she made I jumped! 

I think this new cage is effecting me in some strange supernatural way, I kept putting my head between my legs again and getting scared cos I got my self stuck. I can be a silly billy sometimes.

Here's me in my new cage. I look so small! 

I'm sorry I didn't get round to making a blog yesterday, Mum had a loooong day at work and was too tired to help me right my blog but here's some piccys to show what I saw and got up to. 

If you have any questions big or small for me or Mum just ask :) be nice though.

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