Saturday, 25 April 2015

I am a helicopter!

Weeee! Yes today I decided that I was a helicopter today. I even rested on pictures and Mum's budgie lamp asking to be picked up and then I would suddenly fly around the room again. I was quite cheeky today. 
I also felt Mum was lying in bed for too long, nine o'clock came but she was still asleep so, I decided to shout at her. I repeated this many times each time she burst from bed to see if I was okay. She eventually got up and let me out. 

Today I also made a new friend, he didn't talk very much, I did try talking to him but it was a failed attempt. Never mind flying around the room was fine enough a day for me. Now I'm back in my cage and off to bed. 

                                                               Night Night.

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