Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Relaxing day today then

We didn't get up to much today unfortunately, although I did get to go down the stairs with mum to help look after the Goose. We both made quite a racket, even the chickens in the garden joined in too! It was quite fun causing so much noise for Mum while she was trying to do things. 

I wasn't aloud out of my cage downstairs, I've been told it's too dangerous for me as I'm still very new and many things startle me and I'm still wary on going on to new peoples hands. 
Luckily we got to go upstairs again and I was free!

Mum set me down on the floor which seemed very strange, I'm not used to looking up at things. I even went on to her bed, her bed is a lot squishier than my bed.
a, Mum says I shout to people rather than just talk at the moment but she's pleased to see me more confident that I was before. That's why I'm shouting silly, I'm not confident to just talk to you I must shout at you first :)

Although I was very sad later on as Mum had to go to university and I wanted to come out of the cage. I had to stay in until her sister was able to keep an eye on me. She's a strange sort too.

Here I am being teased with some millet :( I just wanted the millet.
Mum says excuse the mess.

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