Monday, 20 April 2015

My next day...

The day after I moved to my new home, I still wanted to stay quiet and be reserved. Can you blame me? I'm only a baby and there's these strange new people walking around. I don't know what new Mum is putting into the food dish below me but I don't want it, I'm quite comfy with my millet right now. She's also telling her Mum how she's not seen me drink and is a little worried about it. What she doesn't know is I'm not a big drinker and I'd rather do it when she's not around. Need to be a private drink ya' know.

I did also have an embarrassing moment that day too, apparently my little bottom feathers got covered in poo and Mum's Mum had to snip away the feathers to clean it. It's a little breezy now!

I'm also still being handled, I'm not sure on these people but I know I can sit on a humans hand and be okay. Although I like being a little naughty by hopping back onto my perch when they go to bring me out the cage door, he-he. They're trying to look for a new cage to by for me with a bigger door.

Maybe I can have more toys please? I only have a colourful plastic hang-y thing with a bell and a turny, noisy thing also with a bell.

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