Saturday, 25 April 2015

It's Friday!

Apparently  people love Fridays. Seems like any other day to me.

Well today, I had to help babysit Gertrude aaallll day today. She was very noisy and wanted to go outside all the time. I was placed in the living room while she did Illustration work for Uni. Sadly I ran out of millet :( Mum's got to buy her some more for me tomorrow.

Mum managed to get me out and while Gertrude was asleep in her pen we had an hours snooze, I must admit her fluffy hoody was very cozy even snuggled my self into it.

Ow I do like being downstairs, I've much more space to fly around than the bedroom, I found a big scary owl sat in the corner! I was reassured that he wouldn't hurt me but it's still scary. I have found that the curtain rail is a great place to sit and watch what everyone was doing. Mum's Sister went past, she didn't even know I was there.

I'd also like to say that I definitely feel more comfortable in my new home after being here a week, I'm now 8 weeks old I'm happy to sit on people, even starting to talk to people (they are a funny sort) I like a good stroke and I'm starting to test the toys in my cage. I must admit they are good toys.

Just before I was taken to bed, Gertrude bit my tail :( Remind me not to stick my tail out the cage again. I'm now off to bed ready for tomorrows crazy-ness. Look at how sneaky she looks.

(I may have published this in the morning of Saturday, I take a while writing).

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