Monday, 4 May 2015

My independence.

Hello! Yes as Mum is very VERY busy with university work I am having to entertain myself much to Mum's sadness. She says once Uni is over she will make sure she's full engaged with me.  She promised me that.

So yesterday and today I spent a lot of time just looking out of the window. I have officially learnt that it is a solid and I am a solid there for I can't fly through it. Although when Mum brought me down stairs I was too small to look out the window which made me very sad so, Mum brought down one of her toys for me to use to see. It's my toy now!

Once it got dark I couldn't see out of the window anymore so I sat with mum and helped her with her research work, I picked out the posters she should base her work off. But once it was time for bed I scared Mum as I flew out of the living room, right up the stairs, into her room which was dark and right into my cage. She thought I'd crash but I know my way around quite well now.

Today I did the same, flew around, sat by the window and stayed on the lamp. I do love the view from the lamp and watching people look for me when they come in. Mum came in to say good bye as she was off to Uni. Again! So I just hid, sneaky me. She found me but I wasn't planning on leaving my spot.

That's all again to night, Mum says once Uni is over there will more more for me to write in my posts and hopefully more tricks. I'm still learning R2-D2 so I we haven't given up!

Bye bye for now.

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