Friday, 8 May 2015

3 weeks on!

Hello there! Well, Mum got back late today and I was glad to see her. She filled up my food and water bowl and then let me have a fly around her room, I landed in all of my favourite places.
I was soon taken down stairs where I became very shouty and very bitey, oops. Mum decided it was because I was hungry which I was very much. I do love food!

After that, I was okay. I noticed that Gertrude has gotten A LOT bigger since I last saw her and decided I would try and land on her… that didn't go as planned, I tried but she moved so I gave up and decided to sit on the mirror instead. What I also noticed was, the lamp was gone that I sit on! 

Don't worry, I made do.

After I had let my crazy side out and shouted during TV shows making Mum feel bad for her Mum I settled on to her. I've now decided her hair is the best thing since apples!

I think I did quite well today. I must have, after Mum walked around the kitchen and bathroom to see Gertrude having a bath, I stayed put. I watched her cut a Tomato wondering "What is that for?"
It was for me! I got a slice of Tomato all to my self. Thank you!
I decided to return the favour to help her again with her work. I really liked the sketch on my side.

After about 10 I started getting tired and playing up a little chewing Mum's Mum's curtains.

So now we're off to bed and ready for tomorrow where we'll be looking after Giant Gertrude again and doing more work. 

Hope you have good days too. Night! :)

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