Saturday, 9 May 2015

I think I've been a little naughty today...

Hello! Yes I think I may have pushed myself a little today. But, let's begin with the morning. :)

So today Mum woke up early to do work and got me out. She thought I wanted to fly around the room but instead, I wanted to go downstairs instead. Mum had to deal with Gertrude for an hour but once that hour was up, Mum came in and handed me a treat bowl full of fruit. I loved it.


I spent a lot of time flying around and landing on Mum's head and then sitting on her laptop. I was even allowed to play on the phone! 

I didn't help Mum with her work today, I wasn't in the mood. I wanted to shout! I wanted to fly around! I wanted to nibble peoples fingers! I wanted to throw apples on the floor!

Yeah, I decided that instead of eating my apples. I wanted to throw them on the floor while Mum's Mum was asleep. But once I was told I couldn't do that any more I decided I wanted to hang out with Gertrude. This is where I crossed the line. I flew up and tried to land onto Gertrude who was asleep on the sofa. Missed but, woke her up. Mum said I spooked her. Second try and I went for the arm of the sofa instead but WHOA! Gertrude hissed at me and Mum rushed over to get me. Mum's Mum said Gertrude doesn't like it and so I was taken back upstairs and put back in my cage. This was about 7 so I had a nice long day out and about. 

Mum is hoping I've learnt not to fly on Gertrude, we'll see. 

I'll let you know in tomorrow's blog! Night!

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