Sunday, 24 May 2015

It's been a while hasn't it.

Hi! Yes, I am very sorry for not submitting blogs recently we've been very busy but neither the less, Mum says I've taken a big stride. I have definitely become a lot for friendly and affectionate towards people. 

When ever someone comes into the room I get a little excited and perk up. I'm more happy to step onto a hand even when on my favourite spots but this really only happens when Mum closes the blinds. She says I become too interested with the window so I can only really stair out of it when Mum's downstairs. 

My R2-DT sounds are still slowly coming along.
Last week I was very eager to get out the cage when Mum was still sleeping so she let me out and went back to sleep. Look here I am! 

One of my new obsessions is to sit and jump from peoples heads. Some moan but I'm only grooming them. I've also discovered that grooming faces is also very good. Although I caught Mum's eyelid by accident. Oops.
And recently I've been introduced to pokémon. I still don't really know what it is to be honest but I quite like it. Mum put as she called them 'the original' series on and I just sat and watched it untill she turned it off. Then she started playing the games, I really wanted to play too but apparently it's only a one player game.


I don't go down stairs any more because I keep trying to land on Gertrude and she keeps hissing at me, she's also veeery big and Mum's worried Gertrude might catch me. But she takes me down during the day when Gertrude is outside.

One time, Mum had left the bedroom door open when she thought she closed it, I managed to fly out and straight into her Mum's bedroom, I found a nice little mirror to sit on until Mum's sister came in and put me in my cage. That was a buzz kill. At least I have my toys. My favourite it my colourful rings! They're amazing.

Mum says sorry for it being out of focus.

Any way, that's it for now. I'll have more news soon.

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